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  • Sell Predef 2X 100ml

    Do reach us on whatsapp at : 00237674891425 We do offer a wide range of products and below, you shall find just a sample list of what we have in stock : dexacortyl 100ml vetacortyl...
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    Sell Predef 2X 100ml

  • Sell Prednikel 100ml

    Note : you can reach us on whatsapp with our company number . Dexacortyl 100ml vetacortyl 5ml fluvet 50ml edemax 30ml dexametasona 10ml abhayrab 0.5ml equicistan 100ml fructosa c...
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    Sell Prednikel 100ml

  • Sell Dexaphenylarthrite 100ml

    Do reach us on whatsapp if interested at : 00237674891425 Dexacortyl 100ml Vetacortyl 5ml Fluvet 50ml Synedem 25ml Edemax 30ml Dexametasona 10ml Abhayrab 0.5ml Equicistan...
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    Sell Dexaphenylarthrite 100ml

  • Sell Edemax 30ml

    Formula : Dexamethasone sodium phosphate 0.6%, Trichlormethiazide 1%. INDICATIONS: In cattle and sheep: congestion and udder edema. Persistence of the lactation edema. Lung edema and...
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    Sell Edemax 30ml

  • Sell Genixine 50 mL

    Horse: Treatment of inflammation and alleviation of pain associated with musculoskeletal disorder. Alleviation of visceral pain associated with colic. Cattle: Alleviation of clinical signs...
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    Sell Genixine 50 mL

  • Sell Dexacortyl 100ml

    Our therapeutic portfolio includes: Antibacterial Liquid form such as TRISULMIX LIQUID (sulfadimethoxin, trimethoprim association) Water soluble powder such as SUANOVIL 50 or...
    Related Keywords : Dexacortyl 100ml, Dexacortyl

    Sell Dexacortyl 100ml

(1 - 6 out of 6 total Selling Leads)


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